S|O Adwords Campaigns

All work assumes end goals are increasing online conversions or impressions (which would need a monetary value determined as impressions don't necessarily lead to conversions). This assumption will drive reporting and decision making. Conversions are defined per campaign--whether it's a sale, new lead, form submission, etc. If not a sale, a dollar value of a conversion should be estimated.

This document spells out the considerations and process around Google Adwords campaigns. This doc takes the general structure of:




Questions that need answering for an SEM campaign are as follows:

  • Is this campaign in support of a new or existing project?
    • If so, what is the project?
    • What does the project do?
    • Why would someone use what the project has to offer?
    • Why would someone use what the project has to offer vs anything that is previously existing?
  • Is this a general SEM campaign that is agnostic from one particular project?
    • Where are we directing people?
      • Do landing pages need to be created?
        • What is the desired interaction once they click through?
        • Is A/B testing a viable solution to implement?
  • What does the sales cycle look like from a logistical standpoint?
    • this will help inform value, budget, helping to quantify ROI, which is outlined in the subsequent sections
  • Are there negative keywords that need to be considered?


Some questions/considerations for targeting and delivering different content based upon:

  • demographics
    • age
    • location
      • as well as where NOT to target
    • time of day
    • gender
    • language
  • location in sales funnel
    • how to determine?
      • existing site analytics (how do people come to the site and where do they go the most)
      • Adwords keyword planner
  • competetive analysis


The following are questions to ask or considerations to help determine or finalize a budget.

  • How to prove ROI?
    • Cross reference the components of the sales cycle and determine the monetary value of conversion
  • How much money is the campaign budgeted?
  • How much would be required for an effective campaign?
    • Duration considered
  • What is the budget allocation per term and where are the best values?
    • Adwords Keyword Planner helps forecast budget ROI up front based on industry standards
    • SEMRush informs what competitors are spending and where they're spenidng
  • Is the objective to be in first or second position in SERPs?


Project Brief/SOW

An SOW has to be given and signed off on for the SEM campaign to begin anyway. So this deliverable is for sure. The only optional deliverables could be either a project brief or a keynote presentation. A keynote presentation could be useful in helping explain all of the details of the project to a client that hasn't engaged in an SEM campaign before.

  • Background information
    • makes sure to mention the total budget (gives another place besides the campaign management doc)
    • duration that the campaign will go on for
    • which search network / display network
  • Objectives
    • what KPIs define success: our goal is to increase x by doing y over the period of z months
  • Adwords Keyword Planner forecast document
  • Campaign Management doc
    • Sales funnel designation
    • Keywords
    • copy of ads
    • where the ads point per keyword
    • budget allocation
    • budget total
  • Any negative keywords that are part of the campaign
  • Report frequency expectations


The following tools can be used:

Assessment & Evaluation


  • Upon launch:
    • a checkup will be initiated every other day for two weeks.
      • If performance hasn't drastically changed, then move to next bullet. If it has, another two week period is initiated.
      • Internal regroup is done at this time before a client report is given
  • For the next month
    • check once a week
  • Subsequent months
    • check once a week

Report deliverables

  • Raven tools report
  • Report with daily and weekly notes based off of campaign management doc:
    • Status assigned
      • less than expected
      • as expected
      • more than expected
    • What adjustments were done and why

Google Adwords How-to

Editing an existing ad

  • Click Campaigns in top nav

screen shot 2014-10-23 at 11 41 00 am

  • On Left hand side nav, click on Campaign you wish to view/edit

screen shot 2014-10-23 at 1 21 22 pm

  • Click on the Ads tab

screen shot 2014-10-23 at 1 22 16 pm

  • Hover over an entry in the Ad column and click on the Pencil icon

screen shot 2014-10-23 at 11 39 32 am

Change the URL in the left hand side. Copy is edited throughout fields. Hit Save.

Viewing how much money is allocated in a campaign

screen shot 2014-10-23 at 1 23 53 pm

Suspending a campaign

screen shot 2014-10-23 at 11 01 24 am

Raven Tools How-to

Setting up an automated report

  • Make sure the Profile is set to the client and the campaign is the correct campaign
  • Click on Reports on the left hand side menu and select Report Wizard screen shot 2014-10-27 at 4 24 37 pm
  • Next select, New Scheduled Report
  • Choose the frequency, date to receive, and a date range the report will consist of screen shot 2014-10-27 at 4 31 34 pm
  • Select Submit