Protassium Forms

A signup form can be created and added to the landing page channel. They are an elective section of each of these channels. They require creating a new form through the module and then choosing the form on the page you wish to add.

Creating a Form

Add Ons > Modules > Freeform Pro  


From the dashboard, select the New Form button

screen shot 2014-10-10 at 10 11 05 am

Form Type

For form type, select Composer from the dropdown

Form Label

The Form Label can be anything desired. It is simply the way to select the form in the backend when on a landing page template.


Description, a short description of the form


Default Status: Set to open. No need for the other statuses.

The above fields
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Notify User

If enabled, it will send a response email to the user who filled out the form. If enabled, you would choose which field to get the user's email from.

User Notification Template

Pending feature. Will need to building this out if we decide to use this. Essentially this will be choosing different templates for the response a user receives.

Notify Admin

When a form is filled out, a notification can go to the admin if this feature is enabled.

Admin Notification Template

Feature is pending at this point in time. It's the same thing as the user notification template. If we go this route, a different kind of response can be sent to the admin.

Admin Notification Email

If you need to route notifications for different administrators based on the form. Separate multiple email addresses by using a comma.

This completes the first (more administrative part) of the form, hit Continue to move onto building out the fields.

Hit Continue  

Form Generator

You'll be on the form generator now. The first thing to do would be insert a row. Currently the CSS only supports the single column (or full width) row. This can be dragged onto the canvas.


There are some fields that are common amongst forms and you can quickly add to the new form. These are located in the lower left and have green plus signs next to them. To add to the form, just click the plus sign.


If a new field is needed for your form, click the New Field button in the lower left panel.

screen shot 2014-10-13 at 10 38 01 am

A modal window will appear that have you select what type of field the item will be. Field Content type will proabbly only be Any or Email to choose from. Field length is to set a max amount of characters. Important: Leave "Prevent User HTML Rendering" as enabled.


When the field is created, it will appear in the lower left panel. Just click the green plus button to add it into the form editor.

To make a field required, hover over the Gear icon on the canvas. Choose require field. A pink asterisk will show up next to the field label.


Not that the order of operations requires it, but you'll always need a submit button. Obtain Submit Button from the Insert box on the left and drag it into an available row.


If you wish to change the CTA copy, double click on the submit button to bring up the edit.


Quick Save - save as you go but not a publish

Save and Finish - when you're done completely

Dashboard View

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View submissions

THe view count or to view the individual submissions will show on the dashboard in the second column.

Edit an existing form

Editing a form is available on the dashboard as an option in the Composer column. Click the Edit icon.
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Implmenting a form onto a landing page

Choose the form you wish from the dropdown.

screen shot 2014-10-13 at 10 56 27 am

The return path, you can leave this blank. The form is created using ajax that gives the user an on screen message. Therefore you don't need to designate the user a specific place to go upon entering the form.

Form Placement - this is where you designate which content block the form will go to. The block looks to the rows of the matrix field.