Protassium+ Retail Partner Portal


The initial phase of the project sought to bring the hosting/aggregating of resources that Compass' retail partners would need/want regarding Protassium+. On the heels of the Protassium+ content site build, the Retail Partner Portal was built on top of the same Expression Engine CMS and added in additional channels to host the assets, member management, and notifications.

Note that links mentioned in this document refer to the production server of the site rather than stage. At the time of this writing, not all of the Retailer Portal work is pushed to the production server.


loginretail portalprotassium plus

The login page can be found here. The retail users have been provided by Compass and their information has been added to CMS database under the member group "Retail Legacy".

Sign Up

sign upretail portalprotassium plus

If in the future a user comes across the page and wasn't a part of the initial member entry, they can request an account by filling out all the fields on the Request Account link of the login page. Once the form has been submitted, a thank you screen appears telling the user they will here back in 1-3 business days.


An email will get sent to Melissa Kirchner that informs her that a new account is requested. Melissa will then need to login to the CMS and go to:

Members > Active Pending > Either approve or reject the request  

If a rejection is necessary, the email address for the requester will be available in the email to follow-up with the requesting individual for more details to determine their eligibility.

Forgot Password

forgot passwordretail portalprotassium plus

If a user has forgotten their password, a link is available on the login page. The user will submit their email address. The email will send an email with a one-time only available link. The user will then be directed to re-establish their password.

The content of the top nav will change depending on the login state of the user.
screen shot 2014-12-19 at 3 49 29 pm

User logged in:
screen shot 2014-12-19 at 3 49 52 pm

The options to click back on the Retail Partner landing page is accessible in addition to logging out.

Product and Pricing Info


The Product and Pricing Info section contains content covering Compass Research Trials, Data Sheets, MSDS, Pricing Sheets, Product Information, Product Labels, Third Party Research.

The assets can be entered into the site from the CMS by going to

Content > Publish > Product and Pricing Info  

Fill out the Title, and either the Link URL or uploading a File. Next, click on the Category tab and check the category that the asset belongs to

screen shot 2014-12-19 at 4 09 29 pm

Product Order Form

The product order form was created months later from the rest of the Retailer Portal but it is a CMS driven solution using the Freeform Pro module. For more detailed information on how to build a form, see the html document titled "Protassiumforms.html" that has been provided.

Sales and Marketing Info


Sales and Marketing contains either Marketing Materials or links to Tools and Apps. Loading up these items is basically the same process as the Product and Pricing Info section, with small tweaks:

Content > Publish > Sales and Marketing Info  

Determining the categories is the same by clicking on the Categories tab of the entry, just with some different choices:
screen shot 2014-12-19 at 4 12 14 pm

Admin and Contact Info


Admin and Contact Info Hard coded page due to the deviation needed in showing the map image on the template. The channel is still present in the CMS but loading up any entries will not affect the content displayed.



At the launch of the project, the only available items to order are 3 hats. The page that is used is basically an interior page template with the product images being a 3 card widget with html encoding (images shown in screenshot are placeholder images).


The form was created using Freeform Pro and is called Gear. It is a template rather than a Composer template. The reason for this was the need to alter the CSS style of each of the products to become a quantity picker, rather than a blank field (due to the use case of retailers being able to order numerous products).

Email Responses

Upon submitting the Gear form, the end user will see a confirmation page that tells them that the order is being reviewed and that they will receive a confirmation within 1-3 business days.

They will also receive an email in their inbox summarizing the order from
screen shot 2014-12-17 at 6 44 50 pm

Melissa will also receive a plaintext email that informs her of the order contents and the requesting person's information.


Notifications are a separate channel that are used to notify the retail members of important updates. The most recent notification appears on the retailer landing page upon login

screen shot 2014-12-19 at 6 07 29 pm

When a user clicks Read More or View All Notifications, it points to the same spot--which is a page that lists all of the notifications in chronological order


One of the features of the notifications is to send the notification via email to the Retail members in addition to the post. To enable this feature, within the CMS entry go to Status and choose email

screen shot 2014-12-19 at 6 12 14 pm

The member list will receive an email that looks like this:
screen shot 2014-12-17 at 7 18 17 pm