Protassium Knowledge Center Media

The biggest difference between the media channel and any of the other channels that are found in the Knowledge Center is really just the ability to load the videos into the hero image of the template. All the rest of the functionality that is present within the other content types that utilize the news and insights template is still available.

To create a new Media entry

Within the CMS you can create a new Media entry by going to

Content > Publish > Media  

To edit an existing Media entry

Within the CMS, you can edit a previously existing video entry by going to

Content > Edit > Media  


In order for the content to be tagged appropriately, remember to utilize the Categories tab and select the corresponding crop.


Sections of the Media entry

URL Title

This is a collapsable field. Default shows collapsed but can be expanded for editing the ending slug of the entry

Add Tags

To add tags, type the word or phrase and hit enter

Video Embed Code

If a video is the medium of media you wish to display, you'll need an embed code from the video host. Don't worry about the size dimensions from within the snippet as the video will be re-sized to fit within the hero image area.

screen shot 2014-09-05 at 4 32 31 pm

Post Content

Some summary copy can be utilized and a WYSIWYG editor is at your disposal.

Related Content

Choose up to 2 entries of related content.