Protassium Knowledge Center News and Insights

News and Insights are the individual entries that get bundled up and sent to users via email Newsletters and can also serve as announcements for Compass. The Newsletters drive the user to the website. Their subject matter deals with the main crops: Almonds, Alfalfa, and Potatoes.

Create a new news and insights entry

To create a new news and insights entry within the CMS

Content > Publish > News and Insights  

Edit an existing news and insights entry

To edit a news and insights entry that already exists within the CMS

Content > Edit > News and Insights  


In order for the content to be tagged appropriately, remember to utilize the Categories tab within the News and Insights entry section of the CMS and select the corresponding crop.


Sections of the News and Insights entry

URL Title

This is a collapsable field. Default shows collapsed but can be expanded for editing the ending slug of the entry

Add Tags

To add tags, type the word or phrase and hit enter

Hero Image

Recommended minimum image size is 1110 x 350

Post Excerpt

This is the section that will appear on the Featured Crop templates in the newsletter section. This acts as a preview of the article itself. If this is left blank, it will default to grab the first 50 characters of the entry.

Post Content

The body copy of the entry itself. This uses the WYSIWYG editor that is consistent throughout the site.

Related Content

Elective section that can display up to 2 entries.