Getting Started

Step 1: Download LastPass.

Step 2: Create your LastPass account.

Step 3: Get access to the S|O logins.

Step 4: Start using LastPass.

Not sure why we're using LastPass? Take a look at this slide deck to see why it's important and useful.

How it Works

Passwords Are Stored in Your Vault


Login Method #1


Login Method #2


Generating Passwords


Saving New Sites


Learn more by reading LastPass's Getting Started doc.

What about...?

Your might want to read the LastPass User Manual.

Why are we using LastPass? Check this out.

If you already have a LastPass account you can use it and the S|O account. You can read about how that works and find instructions for setting it up in the Linking Your Personal Account article on LastPass's site.

Setup multifactor authentication to add extra security to your login.

But I'm an Admin!

Then you should read the Enterprise User Manual. Choice articles include:

Good Luck!