How to Setup a QA Checklist in Asana

QA Checklists for different types of web projects have been created in the Ingenology Asana workspace as templates. The template will be duplicated and applied to the project that needs QA. From there, the items in the list can be assigned as tasks to individuals.

Locate the Template needed

There are multiple templates to choose from that are based on the type of web project. The templates available are:

  • Site
  • Email
  • Landing Page
  • Digital Tools
  • Banner Ads
  • CMP Internal QA
    • This is used for Compass projects as there are some specific requirements that their internal network dictates.

Templates are found in the projects on the left hand side drawer

screen shot 2014-10-20 at 10 51 46 am

Select one to bring up the contents of the template in the center panel. In the top of the center panel, select the dropdown button (Panel Actions) to the right of the Overview button. Select "Use as a Template (Copy Project)".


Title the project and then hit the Create new Project button.

New QA Project

Now that you've established a template for the bugs, begin going through each item. Add each of the major site features or pages as subtasks. Here's an example of a QA task with subtasks representing each of the pages:

screen shot 2014-10-22 at 9 22 30 am

The addition of subtasks will end up being a repetitive task after a while as you'll basically be adding this into every task.

If a bug is found

Once a bug is found, create a new header for Bugs found. Within Asana hit return from a task and type in Bugs found: and then Enter.

Now add the bug you've found as it's own task. Enter in the task first with the name of the page that is affected followed by a brief description of the issue (you can fill out more details within the Description section of the task.) An example:

screen shot 2014-10-22 at 9 19 09 am

If a task isn't applicable to the project

If a task that is in the template isn't applicable to the project for any reason, rather than deleting the task, please write in the comment section the reasons why this isn't an applicable task and then mark the task as complete.