How to add a press release on Compass Minerals

How to add a press release


This document will demonstrate how a web administrator can publish press releases on the Compass Minerals website. A press release consists of the following elements to enter:

  • the date of the item
  • title
  • a link to the item
  • (if necessary) notate a description

Publishing a press release creates an entry in an xml rss feed which can be read by an rss feed reader. Currently, the Compass Minerals Homepage and Recent News pages display rss feed entries with their own feed reader (the phoenix feed). With the new rss feed that we have built, the Homepage and Recent News pages can display entries published by its own feed.


The following instructions will demonstrate how to publish a press release:

  • Login to the CMS of the site
  • Select "News Items" within the section named "Productandcompanynewsrss" newsitemspressrelease

  • Select "Add news item" in the upper right corner to create a new press release entry.


  • Fill out the fields for date, title, and the link to the document of the press release add-news-release

  • Click Save

The news item may take up to 10 minutes to be displayed by the feed reader on the front page of the site and news.