Email Testing Process

Both Mailchimp and Litmus will need to be accessible (for credentials to both services, see the Passwords doc under the Vendor tab). Please login to both.

  • When an email has been populated with content and ready to be QA'd, first access Litmus.

  • Click on New Email Test

  • Verify in the email browser and client page that the proper applications are selected to test against. Toggle the proper applications on as needed and select Start Test at the bottom. Here is an example screenshot.

  • Copy the email addresses that are provided in the modal window.

  • Now switch over to Mailchimp and navigate to the Campaign or template that you wish to test

  • In the upper right corner, select Preview and Test

  • From the dropdown, select Send a Test Email

  • Paste in the email addresses that Litmus provided and select Send Test

  • Navigate back to Litmus and select the button Yes I've sent it

  • Litmus has multiple resources for testing on the left hand side panel that each should be run.


  • Litmus will take some time to generate the views for all of the applications, clients, browsers that you have selected to test against from within the Previews section. When ready, you can click on individual views to QA against.

When navigating through the previews, the items that you are looking to test against are:

  • Are images all showing?
  • Are fonts rendering correctly?
  • Is the spacing correct?

Spam Filters

This is a pretty generic test, but Litmus will test against some tough testers. Make sure all of them pass. If not, let a dev know (as Litmus should indicate the problems).

Subject Lines

Subject Lines can be viewed from Within Clients

Or from Notification pop-ups

Link Checker

Link checker will give you a report of issues at the top and show the areas in question with colored dots.

Click on any of the red or yellow issues to see more details.

In the scenario shown here, the important part (that the link does work) is shown. The reason for the yellow is that a tracking link isn't being captured. This is ok because this is a test email from Mailchimp.

Code Analysis

Code analysis can help a dev point to the nature of any issues. The issues can be viewed by hovering over the icons on the left margin of the code.