Buzzwords vol 1: Sprints vs Phases and MVP


This is the first in a series of Buzzwords talks, where we'll address terminology that gets used often, and sometimes incorrectly. The idea is to use these Buzzword talks to come to a consensus understanding of the concepts and how they relate to our offering.

This talk is on Sprints vs Phases and Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Articles referenced

Key Points

  • The difference between sprints and phases are how dedicated (in terms of allocation) resources are to a project and the duration.
  • Sprints are timeboxed and the amount of work must fit within that timebox. Phases estimate the amount of work for the project and the duration of the phase is dictated by how long the work will take.
  • Minimum Viable Product is a concept born out of the Lean Startup
  • Lean has origins in manufacturing and seeks to eliminate waste. In the case of building a business or a project lean, the key is to get to insights on product/market fit or insights into the validity of value and growth assumptions with only as much effort as it takes to get those insights.
  • We talk about when an MVP and a prototype are the same thing and when they are not
  • We also talk about the critics to the MVP approach and the call for a more holistic or gestalt approach


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