User Story Mapping

Background We're familiar with creating user stories as well as user flows. User story mapping is an activity that combines both of these activities while increasing »

Buzzwords vol 1: Sprints vs Phases and MVP

Background This is the first in a series of Buzzwords talks, where we'll address terminology that gets used often, and sometimes incorrectly. The idea is to »

Protassium+ Retail Partner Portal

Intro The initial phase of the project sought to bring the hosting/aggregating of resources that Compass' retail partners would need/want regarding Protassium+. On the »

Above the Fold in Web Design: Lunch & Learn topic

The considerations of "the fold" are still prevalent in web today despite the change in user behavior and device proliferation. This talk was part of the »

S|O technical offering

Last Updated: 3/10/15 Languages: Salva O'Renick believes in the right tool for the right job. Here is an example of a mixture of languages »

Maintenance Agreements

After development of a site and 90 day code warranty period is up, a Proactive or Reactive Maintenance agreement will need to be in place if »

Server Offering

1. Types of servers We like Linux Ubuntu cloud based servers with native MySQL databases. The specs of a server will vary based on project needs. »

S|O Adwords Campaigns

All work assumes end goals are increasing online conversions or impressions (which would need a monetary value determined as impressions don't necessarily lead to conversions). This »

Protassium Forms

A signup form can be created and added to the landing page channel. They are an elective section of each of these channels. They require creating »

Protassium Featured Crop

At the time of development for the site, Compass has three crops that they have the most varying types of content for and are thus featured. »

Protassium Products

Executing the Product pages took a couple of different moving parts as the journey that an end user sees is a three step process: Product landing »

Protassium Knowledge Center Media

The biggest difference between the media channel and any of the other channels that are found in the Knowledge Center is really just the ability to »

Protassium Knowledge Center Research

Research are pages that contain either an asset (doc, pdf, ppt) that relates to third party or formal Compass research. The subject matter can be either »

Protassium Knowledge Center News and Insights

News and Insights are the individual entries that get bundled up and sent to users via email Newsletters and can also serve as announcements for Compass. »

Protassium Adding Widgetz

Instructions on the three card pod. When adding a content block, the block type must be set to Full Width Media for optimal layout compatibility. Replace »

Protassium Content Block Logic

The interior page, standard crop, and landing page templates are built upon content blocks that can be interchanged for order and aesthetic choices. When dealing with »

Email Testing Process

Both Mailchimp and Litmus will need to be accessible (for credentials to both services, see the Passwords doc under the Vendor tab). Please login to both. »

Web Bug Reporting

To report a bug on a website or webapp, fill out the following fields for the project manager. -Issue statement: -Issue Details: -Location (link): -Location (on »

How to Setup a QA Checklist in Asana

QA Checklists for different types of web projects have been created in the Ingenology Asana workspace as templates. The template will be duplicated and applied to »