How to add Bower support to a SailsJS application

Another extremely asset that SailsJS does not necessary "officially" support is the use of Bower to import and compile your front end assets. While you can »

Deploying a Yeoman Web App with SASS, Grunt, and Bower support to Heroku

Note: This assumes that you know how to use the listed dependencies above and that your application is in a state of completion that is ready »

Creating/editing October CMS theme

October is an open-sourced CMS that is built on the Laravel PHP framework. In its unmolested form, October is very different than other CMSes in that »

Laravel 5 Setup

This assumes that you are cloning and setting up an existing project. If you are attempting to create a new Laravel 5 project, refer to Laravel's »

Deploying Laravel 5 application to Heroku

This explains how to deploy a Laravel 5 application to Heroku with additional support for Gulp and Bower to use with Laravel 5's Elixer. This assumes »

Image and Asset Management

Thanks to all of you that attended the very first Lunch and Learn and for being open to the presentation of new ideas. In the grand »


Internal Process How To QA Lunch and Learn Client/Project Protassium+ Compass Minerals »